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6 Health Reasons to Give Yourself a Foot Reflexology

After a long day of walking or standing, our feet deserve a pampering. It’s probably the simplest and cheapest method of relaxation for the mind and body. Thus, it’s no surprise why foot massage is legendary since the ancient history. Sure, everybody loves a good foot rub. But is there more than making you feel … Continue reading

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What are the Health Benefits of Foot Reflexology?

We have heard about reflexology and how it is very beneficial to our body; but we have not really read through and understood how such form of therapy can help us. One thing that we should know is that foot reflexology is not a form of non-medical treatment that many of us consider it to … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Try Reflexology

Sometimes, the best vacation and form of relaxation couldn’t have been far from your home. Reflexology can replace all forms of stress reliever because it hits your pressure points directly. We may be apprehensive to try this at first because it might touch some points in our body that could be very sensitive. Today, on … Continue reading

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Foot Reflexology and Its Benefits

Foot Reflexology is actually an ancient practice from some 5,000 years ago in China and Egypt. Ankhmahor’s tomb had a pictograph of people performing this ancient practice and is believed to be one of the first records of foot reflexology. Having then been introduced by William H. Fitzgerald in 1913, it has since become a … Continue reading

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Developing A Mindfulness Routine

In this day and age, it is very easy to get stressed out about a lot of things. It is also quite easy to feel like you have lost control in all aspects of your life, especially when you have to rush into a lot of circumstances like your work, bills, personal and family problems, … Continue reading

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