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Foot Reflexology in Treating Emotional Problems and The Abuse That Comes with Them

Every April 10th, the world observes the National D.A.R.E. – Drug Abuse Resistance Education – Day. This event is to help educate the children and teens about the dangers of drug abuse and how they can avoid it. However, most people do drugs not just out of curiosity or because of peer pressure. Even professionals … Continue reading

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Improving Blood Circulation with Foot Reflexology

Reflexology has been known for its benefit to the central nervous system and immune system. A lot of people use this body work to help them relax and enjoy a better sleep if they have occasional or chronic insomnia. Although we can do reflexology exercises on our own, they are usually more effective if done … Continue reading

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How Reflexology Can Help with Depression

Our emotions greatly impact our well-being and health. Once we feel an emotion, our autonomic nervous system is activated and our body responds with stress in the form of blood pressure increase and fast heart rate. Also, stress can encourage corticosterone release and production. People who are depressed have a high corticosterone level. This stress … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Question about Reflexology

Reflexology has not been that credited in the medical profession. But even if this has been the fact throughout the years, we can still see the benefits it can give to those who tried it. If you are curious about this type of massage, you probably have one or two questions about it. As a … Continue reading

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Reflexology: Does it Actually Work?

Stress is one thing we all experience in a day-to-day basis. Because of our hectic schedule and various tasks in our workplace, at home, or in school, our body could give in to various pains and discomforts. For 5 straight days, 6 for some, we spend most of our time working or learning at school. … Continue reading

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